Colourful Creative Space For Tweens

Whimsical Tween Room

Many of us could only dream of whimsical creative spaces for our daughters but the reality is, their creative space often double up as the dining table. It is not to say that we can’t make an amazing space for our girls to get arty. With a bit of imagination and organisational skills that would make Marie Kondo proud, you too can provide your little girl the creative space she needs.

Get organised for your child’s room

Get creative with storage

Don’t have a lot of space? Utilise the blank wall as a storage space for all her craft tools and materials. I found that the bathroom and kitchen section of IKEA and Kmart are great places for finding cool containers, small shelvings and thin towel rails you can use to hang or display things. 

Kids room decor

Display her artwork

Don’t just file and store your child’s artwork away! Frame and hang them proudly in her creative space. Let your child choose her favourite pieces and swap them over every term for a fresher new look to her area. 

Maria Kondo organised Art space for kids

Inspire the creative mind

Every creative thinkers need an inspiration board. A large board she can pin pictures, quotes or objects that she found inspirational to kick-start her imagination. 


There you have it! A few simple steps to make a creative space for your tween girl!




{photos from Pinterest from the top:, Blake Play Smile,, Rock My Style}





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